Life is busy. Travel PAL is up for the challenge.

Travel Proof
Bumps, spills, getting lost, and everything else that comes your way during travel doesn't bother the Travel PAL. It's been through exhaustive testing to prove that it's up to the task of being your faithful companion.

No Blowing Needed
Travel PAL's innovative foam center naturally expands on contact when air enters through the valve. Simply twist the air intake valve, sit back, and relax comfortably.

Lifetime Warranty
We don't ever want you to worry about your Travel PAL. So should anything happen to it, we'll be here to fulfill your PAL's comprehensive lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace your damaged PAL, free of hassle and free of charge.

Spill Resistant
We’ve already worried about the little things so you don't have to. Accidental spills? No problem against Travel PAL's water-resistant surface.

Your Travel PAL would have a hard time living up to its name if it wasn't convenient for travel. Early Travel PALs underwent months of design changes until they became the lightweight, compact, travel-ready supports they are today. Every feature has been maximized for ultimate portability.

Need to know more?

Our Travel Pal Sales Reps are available to answer your calls at 800-469-2225, Monday–Friday 9am - 8pm est or contact us by email at [email protected].

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