2 unique POP opportunities!

Offer Travel PAL to your customers both at the rental counter and in the car. A display stand at the rental counter makes Travel PAL an excellent add-on to any transaction. Or place Travel PAL in the car and let your customers open it at any time.

Travel PAL can go anywhere your customers can go.

And your logo can go with them. Not only will your customers see your logo each time they use their Travel PAL, everyone around them will see it, too. Travel PAL’s easy portability lets customers carry it with them wherever there are uncomfortable seats – on a plane, at work, or on the town. 

The extra touch to show customers you care.

You don’t forget your customers the moment their transaction is complete. Show them you care about their lasting comfort by offering the comfort-enhancing and pain-relieving Travel PAL.

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Need to know more?

Our Travel PAL Sales Reps are available to answer your calls at 877-771-4000, Monday–Friday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM est. Or contact us by email at Sales@HBTravelPal.com.

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