About Travel Pal

Travel PAL is manufactured by Healthy Back Brand Holdings. Other properties of Healthy Back Brand Holdings include retail locations operating under The Healthy Back Store brand name. Since 1994, Healthy Back has been providing top quality comfort solutions and ergonomic products. Based in Beltsville, Maryland, Healthy Back is the nation’s most respected privately-owned back care manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer.

Travel PAL has been one of Healthy Back’s best-selling products for over 20 years. Join the thousands of people who have discovered the comfort and convenience of Travel PAL!

Why Travel PAL?

Most chairs are not ergonomically built for prolonged sitting…and that’s where Travel PAL comes in.

Back Pain Facts & Figures

  • 80% of people have or will experience back pain in their lifetime and seek a solution
  • 50% of all working Americans admit to suffering from back pain every year
  • Americans spend $50 billion each year to treat their back pain
  • 77% of travelers say their biggest complaint when flying is the uncomfortable seating
  • Only 44% of new cars offer lumbar support for both drivers and passengers

Without a lumbar support, the natural lumbar curve of the lower back disappears when we sit. Travel PAL reinforces the curve to promote healthy, comfortable posture that combats slouching.

Travel PAL’s unique self-inflating design enables a user to get just the right amount of support. Every person is shaped differently, and everyone needs a different level of support. Travel PAL can be place anywhere on a person’s back or neck, wherever they feel the need for support.

To correctly fit Travel PAL, open the valve and watch Travel PAL inflate. Now, sit against it and let it deflate until you have just the amount of support you need, then close the valve (note: for users with very deep lumbar curvature add one breath and close the valve for maximum support).


Need to know more?

Our Travel Pal Sales Reps are available to answer your calls at 877-771-4000, Monday–Friday 9am - 8pm est or contact us by email at Sales@HBTravelPal.com.

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